FAQ from readers:

Question: I love the idea of "Penelope" as a type of person. I'm not 100% Penelope, though I have parts of me that dearly love things like lists, binders, neatness, etc. Am I still welcome at Penelope Loves Lists?

Answer: Absolutely! Most people are not 100% Penelope from tip to toe. If ANY part of you loves organization stuff, you are welcome here!!

Penelope is unabashedly organized. She makes no apologies for her love of lists, and notebooks, and pretty office supplies. She adores anything that's called a "storage solution". She thinks See Jane Work and The Container Store are the first and second wonders of the world. She loves useful websites, design blogs and shelter magazines. She hunts down smart work organization software and swoons for project management tools. She's tidy, she's a bit OCD. She's got a To Do List and she knows how to use it.

Are you a Penelope? If so, relax...you're home.

No one will laugh at you here for being enamored of paperclips and getting giddy when you see grid paper notebooks. Everyone here understands why neat stacks of almost anything (books, towels, tableware) are cause for quiet celebration. And EVERYONE here will understand why it's always ok to fix crookedly-hung frames, even in restaurants or courtrooms. You're not crazy...you're a Penelope.



I’m a working, married, 40-something mom of four, trying desperately (and, I admit, a bit compulsively) to hold together all the crazy aspects of my life. For me, the only way to do that is with lists and with all manner of organizational tools.

It's who I am, naturally. And I know I'm not alone. I want to create the website I've always wished were out there: tools, products, strategies, websites, books, ruminations, all for the organization freak (and I mean "freak" as a compliment). A website to indulge that Penelope part of me - and you.

And, what's the deal with the name "Penelope" you ask?

It's a code word my sister and I started using with each other a while ago. It means unwavering love and acceptance, even when we're a bit...um...nutty. I love Penelope and I hope you will, too.