Advertising and review policy + information:

Given that I love this website and its loyal readers with all my Penelope heart, I’ve thought long and hard about a policy for advertising and reviews that feels authentic and comfortable to me. I believe that every blogger should be able to set policies for her site that feel good to her and that support her own goals, even if they are different from my own.

Here’s what feels good to me:

1) Product/Website/Book Reviews:
I will only review products, websites and books that I find useful and I think my be of interest to my fellow Penelopes. Within those reviews, I may have only good to say or, I may have a mix of good and not-so-good. Whatever I say, though, will be absolutely my honest thoughts.

I am willing to be sent those items for free for the purposes of my review, but I will not accept payment for “advertorial” types of posts.

If you’re interested in having your product, website or book reviewed, please email me for details.

2) Sponsor buttons in the sidebars and other positioning:
I will accept up to 4 “buttons” or “banners” for paid sponsored advertising in the sidebar of the site at any one time. Prices are set with care and discretion and with an eye toward making sure that the advertiser’s investment is fruitful.

I will be extremely choosy about WHO I allow to advertise with a button on the site. I hate clutter, even clutter for money, and I won’t have it on the site. So, I’ll only accept sponsors whose products or services I think legitimately benefit the Penelope community. I realize that means I may leave some money on the table and that’s ok with me. I’ve already done it and I felt better for having made the decision.

If you’re interested in advertising with a button on the site, please email me for details.

3) Affiliate and other kinds of links
When I link to items on or other websites within the body of my posts, there may be an affiliate deal in place in which I earn a small amount of money should the link be followed and a product purchased. Again, I would only do an affiliate deal with a website or for products that I love and I don’t build entire posts around these affiliate links. I just work them in where they are natural.

Part of my goal in starting this site was to enable me to listen to my gut, trust my instincts and follow my heart. I hope to always honor those principals, and the trust of the Penelope community, in the policies I set for these kinds of things on the site.

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