Have you lived your life being called..."Type A" or a "Perfectionist"?


If you have, then you know that these labels almost always have a negative connotation.

Here at Penelope Loves Lists, we call that dynamic, smart, tidy, clutter-hating, planner-loving, multi-tasking woman a Penelope. And we mean that in the very best way possible.

Want to know if YOU’RE a Penelope? Read on…

You Might Be a Penelope If You...

  • Compulsively straighten frames, no matter where you are. Your home, your friend's home, your tax guy's office.
  • Prefer your undergarments match your outfit.
  • Tidy everything - including public restrooms.
  • Put already-completed items on your To Do list, simply for the satisfaction of checking them off. You need credit for that, damn it!
  • Think there are few things more exciting than a new notebook. Or binder, or stack of post-it notes.
  • Anxiety clean. And you know exactly what I mean when I say that, too.
  • Hate being late - it makes you nauseous.
  • Have specific ways to fold specific towels and you don't allow your family to "help" because they never get it right.

Look after the whereabouts of your favorite pen as carefully as you do your children.


  • Color-code your closet.
  • Color-code your children. Swim bags, lunch bags, school bags, water bottles - you use a different color for each child.
  • Firmly believe that a cluttered desk (or house, or car) leads to a cluttered mind.
  • Must have the paper money in your wallet in value order, all facing the same way.
  • Could spend hours wandering around the Container Store. Silently. Just pacing and thinking.
  • Cringe if there are two open ketchup jars in the fridge. Not efficient, people.
  • Feel there's a right and wrong way for toilet paper to hang from the dispenser. And a right way to load a dishwasher.
  • Prepare your shopping list based on the aisle layout of your favorite grocery store. Then peacefully but efficiently complete your shopping trip in record time. 
  • Time yourself doing things like grocery shopping or emptying the dishwasher. And you mentally high-five yourself when you get just a little faster than the day before.
  • Would rather bag your own groceries. Everyone else will do it wrong.
  • Arrange the items in your medicine cabinet (or pantry) in a very "Sleeping with the Enemy"- type way. Each shelf is organized by type with the label facing out….FACING OUT!

Believe there is always a place for everything. Everything! EV-ER-Y-THING.

  • Group the apps on your phone into appropriate categories (games, social media, navigation, finance, etc). 
  • Secretly love tidying up your kids play area at the end of every day. 
  • Don't lose things. See above item. But, on the off-chance you do, somehow, inexplicably, lose something? You'll question your own sanity (and systems) for days.
  • Are the mom who always has spare Band-Aids in her purse. And tweezers. And anti-bacterial wipes. 
  • Are often mistaken for an employee in a store...because you are reflexively straightening things.

Have lists of lists. So. Many. Lists.

  • Have lists of lists. So. Many. Lists.
  • Have crayons that are kept in the exact same position they came in. If you have kids, you have your own box because they'd just mess them up.
  • Struggle to take breaks and vacation time can make you a bit itchy.
  • Start packing for a trip weeks ahead of time
  • Would be totally panicked without your To Do list. 
  • You have multiple alarms set throughout the day because you MUST NOT FORGET ANYTHING.