Meredith Monday

Founder and Creative Director
Meredith is the founder and Creative Director of Penelope Loves Lists. She's a working, married, 40-something mom of four, trying desperately (and, admittedly, a bit compulsively) to hold together all the crazy aspects of her life. For Meredith, the only way to do that is with lists and with all manner of organizational tools. This is why she created Penelope Loves Lists - she just knew she wasn't alone.

Jenna Miller

Jenna is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But, what a lot of people miss about her is that her sweet exterior, while totally genuine, masks a fierce little beast inside. This married mama of a 1-year-old son works full time (getting an astonishing amount done in an 8-hour day) and then takes care of her family AND helps manage a professional dance team. “Powerhouse” is the word that comes to mind for Jenna.

Lisa Shields

Lisa’s a tall, blonde Superwoman: she’s a wife and mom of three absolutely amazing kids. Her oldest is an elite swimmer and it’s amazing how much dedication and time that takes- not just from the athlete, but from her mom, too! Oh, and she also works full time and still manages to throw the very best parties anyone has ever attended.

Stephanie Petersen

Whether it’s pushing herself to the limit in a super-intense spin class or hunting down the best office supplies around, Stephanie always gives 100%. Even though she’s a competitive tomboy at heart, we love that she’ll still waltz into the office wearing bright high heels and oversized earrings. A girl who can dish about celebrity gossip one minute and fill you in on the latest sports scores the next? Sign us up.

Denise Martinez

Denise is a wife, mother of 2 gorgeous young boys and is 100% Penelope. She's also hilarious, loyal and the first one to pop the cork on a bottle of her beloved champagne. This girl loves to celebrate!

Angela Mullan

Angela’s a pretty, sweet force of nature. She works full-time, and also manages to be an amazing wife, mom of a gorgeous daughter and a woman who embodies being a great friend to so many. Her house is about as clean as you can get and she’s one of the best runners I know. In short she knows all about the positives - and negatives - of being 100% Penelope.

Jennifer Ahearn

Jennifer is a brilliant, sweet mom of twin boys. Yes: twin boys, now 12 years old. She survived. She’s a Mama Survivor. Jenn is thoughtful and smart, analytical and practical. And she's also a whole lotta fun and the person you want to be with in the middle of the Grand Canyon.

Sharon Carl

Sharon is a maker extraordinaire. She knits, she sews, she both plays and sings beautiful music. Most importantly, she's the calmest Penelope I know and she balances out all of our over-charged Type A energy. For that, we are forever grateful.

Maggie Munki

Maggie’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife: versatile, efficient, always at the ready—all in one compact package. Add in an infectious laugh that never fails to make the rest of us smile, a creative spirit with just the right amount of Type-A, and a strong desire to always keep learning, and…well, she’s actually way better than a Swiss Army knife, come to think of it. We think we’ll keep her.