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16 thoughts on “Finally ready to officially take a break (plus a few photos)

  1. You look beautiful! I miss your blog, but I’m glad that you can be an example for the rest of us and prioritize your life. I think Penelopes sometimes have a really hard time saying “no” and creating boundaries. We just add the new task to our list! Good for you 🙂

  2. Congratulations on all of the excitement in your life! I am so sad we never met up in SF (and I’m sorry I never followed through) – I feel like we are running in parallel right now! I wrapped up my residency in SF and officially made the move to Nevada. After much delay we finally closed and after several contractor disasters, we moved into our new home on Tuesday (33 weeks pregnant). I too miss blogging, feel guilty about it, don’t know how to start back up or stop all together … but I try to just remember how much fun I had when doing it and I want to go into this next phase of my life guilt free (okay, that’s impossible – just with less guilt…) and so I too should let myself off the hook for not blogging and just get excited about finally nesting and parenthood! I wish you all the best! xoxo

  3. Good for you! I discovered you late in the game–soon before your pregnancy –and read everything at once. You’ve been my favorite blog. Once I found you, postings were already infrequent due to all of your exciting changes. When you write, it’s a treat. So, if you feel like throwing something out there, I’ll be happy to read (as will many others, I bet!). Good luck in these last few weeks of pregnancy (and then the weeks ahead…). If/when you’re ready to come back, your followers will be here:-)

  4. Congratulations to our lead Penelope! I will definitely continue to follow you, as I really enjoy your blog. So take a break, enjoy your new baby with your beautiful family and we’ll be here when you get back!

  5. GOOD FOR YOU Meredith!! wishing you nothing but love and clean laundry and at least 5 hours of sleep in a row! Your life is to be there for your family, and I will miss your blog, I look forward to your posts from ….THE NEXT STAGE, whatever that may be….xxxooo

  6. Meredith, I understand and think it’s great that you’ve decided to take time for yourself, your baby and your family. Congratulations again, I’ll still be here checking in, as I really love your blog and can’t help but feel a connection with you. Enjoy this special time! xoxo

  7. I’ve missed the blog and your writing, but am very glad you are taking the time and energy for yourself and your family. I hope you have a wonderful birth, and enjoy your new baby!

  8. Never commented and only skulked at the perimeter of the blog from my wildly, chronically disorganized mess world. 😉 wanted to comment though to say
    glad the break was only for happy reasons
    now i’m compelled to sign up for the rss feed in case you post
    and last but not least
    that might be the best EVER family pet photo. loved it.

    congratulations and much happiness to you and yours.

  9. Hey, so glad all is well!
    Just got back from holiday and was glad to see you’re back, even if it’s just to say a (temporary) goodbye.
    Enjoy your pregnancy, your little one and the rest of your family and we’ll hear back from you when you’re up and running again, however eratically…
    That’s the beauty of that RSS thingy.
    Karen (Scotland)

  10. I’ve missed you lots and will still miss you lots, but I totally understand! Hope your birth goes swimmingly and have a wonderful time with your growing family!!

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