Angela Mullan

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Angela’s a pretty, sweet force of nature. She works full-time, and also manages to be an amazing wife, mom of a gorgeous daughter and a woman who embodies being a great friend to so many. Her house is about as clean as you can get and she’s one of the best runners I know. In short she knows all about the positives – and negatives – of being 100% Penelope.

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows about… Angela

  1. I can dance the two step just as easily as I can get low. Country and rap both bring me to the dance floor. Britney too.
  2. Too much quiet time/a few hours with no plans gets me more anxious than almost anything else.
  3. I hate cleaning windows. I love almost all cleaning but I HATE window washing. #streakfreak
  4. I studied viticulture at UC Davis 6 years ago. Still love wine, wine tasting, and more but don’t ask me anything having to do with appellations or vintages. Couldn’t tell ya.
  5. I record “The Talk” every single day. Started watching those chatty Kathy’s while on maternity leave and haven’t stopped since. Total girl crush on Aisha Tyler.
  6. I refuse to keep a food log. I log my work hours, workouts, appointments and more but I know I’ll drive myself crazy if I start logging my meals.
  7. I’m renovating my house over the next few months. I’m both scared beyond belief and excited about the final product.
  8.  I need pats on the back. I often know when I’ve done a good job (a great dinner, a great work meeting, etc.) but I need others to tell me they’re aware if it too. Embarrassing to admit but true.
  9.  I do something to push my physical limits on May 26th each year. It’s the day I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes 17 years ago. My push reminds me I’m stronger than my illness.
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