Denise Martinez

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Denise is a wife, mother of 2 gorgeous young boys and is 100% Penelope. She’s also hilarious, loyal and the first one to pop the cork on a bottle of her beloved champagne. This girl loves to celebrate!

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About… Denise

  1. I’m a total tomboy at heart and I’m freakishly strong. I’ve won my fair share of arm wrestling matches and played a season of Rugby in college. #dontmesswithme
  2. I did musical theater when I was in elementary school and junior high. I loved to sing and had dreams of being on Broadway but I was always too nervous for the big, formal auditions. I actually walked out of one right before it was my turn to try out. Needless to say, I never made it past community theater.
  3.  When I was younger my sister and I raised Guide Dogs For The Blind. Only 5% of the dogs that are trained complete the full program and are matched up with an owner. One of our dogs made it and was paired with a girl who was a skier in the Special Olympics. Later on, he made it to the White House and had his furry little picture taken with President Clinton.
  4.  While I need to have a routine to be most productive Penelope in my work life, I need to have a high level of spontaneity in my personal life to really feel alive. Deciding on a whim to jump in the car and hit the road for a weekend adventure? Yes, please! Flipping a coin to decide what city to travel to next during a backpacking trip through Europe….yeah, that actually happened.
  5.  I LOVE to dance. If I’m out at a dance club, I’ve had a few cocktails and they are playing some good hip hop I dare you to try and drag me off the dance floor. I double dog dare you! My sister and I even have our own dance that we do. It’s a compilation of signature dance moves of all the favorite people in our lives. If you’ve made the dance routine, you know you’re in!
  6.  I don’t really have a good sense of fashion and I’ve always had a hard time putting outfits together. My husband does a better job of putting a look together for me than I do. If I show up somewhere and you think I’m looking pretty hot, that was all him!
  7.  If I was a character on a TV show, I would be Monica from Friends, in all the good ways and bad. The only thing about Monica that I completely lack is the skill to cook. I’m a hot mess in the kitchen.
  8.  I can remember the the lyrics and melody of a song after only hearing it one time. It’s my one Rain Man quality and the trait has passed down to my oldest son. He will hear a song on the radio and I will find him in his playroom later that day singing the song to himself. He’s become favorite singing partner.
  9.  I’m the wife of a comic book illustrator and the mom of 2 boys, so my comic book knowledge is on point. I know WAY too much about all the DC and Marvel characters and can recite the Green Lantern’s oath on command. I don’t read comic books and was never a fangirl but when I was a little girl, I wanted to be Wonder Woman (thank you, Linda Carter). Fast forward 25 years and my husband drew me as Wonder Woman on our Save The Dates for our wedding. Some things are meant to be.
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