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Jenna Miller

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Jenna is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But, what a lot of people miss about her is that her sweet exterior, while totally genuine, masks a fierce little beast inside. This married mama of a 1-year-old son works full time (getting an astonishing amount done in an 8-hour day) and then takes care of her family AND helps manage a professional dance team. “Powerhouse” is the word that comes to mind for Jenna.

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About… Jenna

1. I’m not 100% Penelope. More like 85%.
2. My guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV. Vanderpump Rules being the current obsession. Embarrassing, I know.
3. I’ve lived on both coasts. I prefer California weather, but love how historically rich the East Coast is.
4. When I was very young I took a flight to visit my grandma in Australia. Lightning struck our plane and it dropped thousands of feet mid-air. To this day, I still get secretly panicky on airplanes.
5. I started dating my now-husband when I was 16. We’ve officially been together half my life. He knows me better than anyone.
6. I have a Bullmastiff that weighs more than I do. People always do a double-take when they see us on walks.
7. I don’t always wear my wedding ring. I find rings to be uncomfortable—especially since I’m a slightly compulsive hand washer.
8. I had a fairly strict upbringing and was only allowed to participate in one extracurricular activity growing up. I always chose dance. I ended up being an NFL cheerleader and now co-direct a professional dance team.
9. I’ve been called a perfectionist my entire life.
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