Jennifer Ahearn

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Jennifer is a brilliant, sweet mom of twin boys. Yes: twin boys, now 12 years old. She survived. She’s a Mama Survivor. Jenn is thoughtful and smart, analytical and practical. And she’s also a whole lotta fun and the person you want to be with in the middle of the Grand Canyon.

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About… Jennifer

  1. I love bugs. I think they are so beautiful and fascinating. I’m an especially big fan of the insects of the Sonoran desert–giant palo verde beetles, slow-cruising metallic green fig beetles, and of course, the magnificent and ferocious tarantula hawk wasp.
  2. I’m a part-time Penelope. I make and use lists every day. I use the Notes app on my iPhone to keep separate lists of what I need to remember to get the next time I’m at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Target, etc. In other ways, I love to wing it–it makes me feel clever and resourceful. I love to cook without recipes. And when I was in my 20s I travelled for 6 weeks in Asia with only my arrival and departure dates firm–and only some general ideas of what to do in between.
  3. I love graph paper. I haven’t graphed anything in years, but–love! I also love a good 0.5mm mechanical pencil.
  4. I love Ashtanga yoga. Every day I get the chance to be humbled, laugh at myself, and if I’m lucky, I learn something new or am struck with insight.
  5. I went to three high schools in three states.
  6. I use the same big blue plastic comb that I got in junior high. The very same one.
  7. I cook my oatmeal with shredded carrots. Don’t tell me it’s gross until you’ve try it topped with chopped fruit and toasted nuts. You’ll be converted. You’ll see. The Penelope aspect of this is that I make batches to last me 5 days to save me time in the mornings.
  8. During peach season, I go a little crazy. I’ll eat 4 or 5 peaches in a day.
  9. I spent 20 weeks on full, horizontal bedrest while I was pregnant. I was insanely blessed with people visiting and bringing me food and books and things, but it was very, very, very hard to relinquish control over my life. A good lesson and probably good prep for parenthood.
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