Meredith Monday

  • Founder and Creative Director
Founder and Creative Director

Meredith is the founder and Creative Director of Penelope Loves Lists. She’s a working, married, 40-something mom of four, trying desperately (and, admittedly, a bit compulsively) to hold together all the crazy aspects of her life. For Meredith, the only way to do that is with lists and with all manner of organizational tools.

This is why she created Penelope Loves Lists – she just knew she wasn’t alone.

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About… Meredith

  1. My favorite color in the world is peacock blue. If it were a liquid, I’d bathe in it.
  2. I have close-to-bionic hearing. It’s a blessing…and a curse.
  3. I have a secret fantasy about being an FBI agent.
  4. My secret crush is Jack Black. Nothing sexier than a funny guy. And Jason Fried from Basecamp, because he is my spirit animal.
  5. I think Kate Gosselin is entirely misunderstood.
  6. French fries are my kryptonite.
  7. I’m slightly OCD. A high-functioning Adrian Monk, if you will. Though I’m not afraid of milk.
  8. I am, however, afraid of elevators, bridges, airplanes, squirrels in sufficient quantity… and clutter.
  9. While I seem really confident and self-assured, I’m a total mess of an 8-year-old girl inside, most of the time.
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