Stephanie Petersen

  • Contributor

Whether it’s pushing herself to the limit in a super-intense spin class or hunting down the best office supplies around, Stephanie always gives 100%. Even though she’s a competitive tomboy at heart, we love that she’ll still waltz into the office wearing bright high heels and oversized earrings. A girl who can dish about celebrity gossip one minute and fill you in on the latest sports scores the next? Sign us up.

9 Things Hardly Anyone Knows About…Stephanie

  1. I can out eat anyone when it comes to popcorn. Anyone.
  2. I’ve always hated my middle name. In junior high I threatened to not speak to my mom until she legally changed it. Then my dad stepped it and put the kibosh on it real quick, but I almost had her. And the middle name ‘Belle’.
  3. That said, my father is still my hero.
  4. I can’t stop biting my fingernails.
  5. I’m competitive to a fault. It’s actually pathetic and I have no idea how I have friends, yet, they’ve managed to accept me.
  6. I took a softball to the face at age 14 and broke my nose. It’s crooked and I hate it, but I’m too afraid of plastic surgery to fix it.
  7. I am never happy with the car I drive, and am constantly ‘shopping’ for my next one. It’s exhausting, and expensive.
  8. I was the first person in my family to graduate college.
  9.  My mom convinced me as a child that Pig Latin was an actual language. I still claim to be bi-lingual.
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