And I Judged Her

February 2, 2015

I’m going to share this because, as my friend Denise always says, “this is a safe space”. I hope so. I saw a blog post recently wherein a woman admitted that her Christmas tree was still up. On January 29th. And I judged her. Hard. I didn’t mean to. I just automatically started thinking: I […]

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On Penelope’s Love List This Week

January 29, 2015

You’ve all let us know that you love the posts we do that recommend some of our favorite things. So we’ve developed a new series called “On Penelope’s Love List”. It’ll be a semi-regular look at what we Penelopes are grooving on currently. First up, and apropos of my last post: I’m excited to introduce […]

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What’s the next thing?

January 26, 2015

I’m going to admit something and this is so close to my heart that it scares me to talk about it. To anyone, let alone to thousands of people. But, you all need to know what’s going on, so here I go. I’ve been frozen in place. Just in-the-reeds, no-idea-which-way-to-go stuck for more than a […]

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The 7-Minute Strategy or How I Get Major Projects Done a (very) Little Bit at a Time

January 22, 2015

We all have those projects that are not of the highest priority but that still need to get done. We know we should do them, but they are not so urgent that we have to. So, day after day, they fall to the bottom of our To Do List, and their unfinished-ness weighs on us. […]

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5 Things I’m Loving This Week

January 19, 2015

Let’s start the week with some little nuggets o’ goodness, shall we? Here’s what I’m finding particularly useful/interesting/fun this week. Slate’s Working podcast It feels like podcasts have hit their stride, doesn’t it? I certainly loved Serial and devoured it like a big piece of chocolate cake. Can’t wait for Season 2. While I do […]

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The Genius of AquaNotes or Why I Think Best When I’m Wet

January 16, 2015

This post was originally published in 2009 (can we say “ice age”?), but one of my friends was just complaining about her genius shower ideas going down the proverbial drain so I wanted to give it a second look. Want to make sure that never happens to you? Read on… One of my favorite things […]

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Reader question: does being a Penelope affect the way you parent?

March 24, 2014

Here’s a question from a reader named Amy: I’m struggling with my Penelope tendencies and my ability to effectively mother. I tend to want to pick up the Legos immediately upon them being emptied from the box. I’m not exactly carefree and laid-back, and I’m afraid that my (ahem) more controlling nature might be negatively […]

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