Sand sucks :: How to clean up your child after a trip to the beach or playground

April 9, 2015

by Penelope Loves Lists founder Meredith Monday Schwartz We got a question from a Penelope Mama, troubled by the mess that comes with toddlers and summertime. Here’s what she said. Q.: Sand is one of the worst things. It gets into everything, and it will scratch delicate equipment like phone screens. My husband is a […]

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Announcing: Penelope’s Weekly Workout List

April 7, 2015

by Penelope Loves Lists Contributor Jenna Miller I have a confession to make. I haven’t gotten back into a solid workout routine since having my baby. Over a YEAR ago. This totally isn’t like me. I’ve been a dancer my entire life. I’m a former NFL cheerleader for heaven’s sake. Working out and staying in […]

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One downside of the Penelope Personality: am I not able to be spontaneous?

April 3, 2015

by Penelope Loves Lists Contributor Lisa Shields I’m deeply proud to be a Penelope. I relish in the fact that I get a lot more accomplished in a single day than the average person. I like that my house is tidy (for the most part) and that my laundry is clean and folded (again, mostly) […]

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I wake to the sound of bells:: our favorite wake-up app

April 2, 2015

This is the first post from Penelope Loves Lists Contributor Sharon Carl. Sharon is a maker extraordinaire. She knits, she sews, she both plays and sings beautiful music, I could go on and on. I clearly love her, as you can see by how tightly I’m hugging her in the photo below. (Sharon is on […]

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Wasting my time wanting to be liked: a rumination on insecurity

March 31, 2015

By Penelope Loves Lists Founder Meredith Monday Schwartz Periodically, I get into these weird obsessive jags. They can be about a topic (am I doing a good enough job as a mom?) or a physical symptom (is one arm longer than my other?), or a food (brussels sprouts every day for a month) or a […]

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How Do You Start Your Day? The Morning Routine of Type A Working Mom Angela

March 27, 2015

From Penelope Loves Lists Founder Meredith Monday Schwartz I’m fascinated by people’s routines. I always have been. And even more so by the routines of highly efficient Penelopes. How do we set up our days for success? Is everyone different, or are there just a few ways to get this right? I wonder… So, I’m […]

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Easy Home Office Makeover with Zero Budget

March 24, 2015

You guys! I’m so excited! I have another fantastic new Penelope contributor to introduce you to today! Jenna Miller is my friend, colleague and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But, what a lot of people miss about Jenna is that her sweet exterior, while totally genuine, masks a fierce little beast […]

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